1. Slander Policy: We do not condone and will not tolerate players slandering another player, roleplaying game or website, or any of the people involved with those entities. Feloszt is designed as a safe place to write, create, and be free of judgment. Any behavior which contradicts that will result in disciplinary action.
  2. Player's Legal Responsibility: Every member of Feloszt is responsible for knowing and understanding the laws which govern his or her real life location. There are no exceptions.
  3. Statement of Originality: Feloszt is a work of fiction. Everyone is influenced by other things. We’ve all read books, listened to music, and watched movies. While it is ok to allow these outside forces to influence and inspire your work, it is not ok to simply take an idea from something else and claim it as your own.
  4. Godmodding: Defined when a player does not follow the rules of character creation or the reality of the setting and situations as it pertains to talents and knowledge.
  5. Powerplaying: This is the act of controlling, impacting, or using another writer’s PC or an NPC without permission.
  6. Metagaming: The act of using out of character knowledge in character.
  7. No Roleplay in PMs: As it states, don't do it. We reserve the right to read any and all PMs to ensure that site rules are being followed.
  8. Thick Skin: This is the internet. Sometimes, people say things or do things that could be taken as offensive or mean. Abusive language and other things that directly violate site rules will be dealt with by the staff. However, there will be shades of grey and times when rules will be bent but not broken. It is these instances that we ask for our members to all gain a bit of 'Thick Skin'. You can't let every little thing bother you and you can't take everything being said to heart. Please pick and choose your battles and decide ahead of time that you will not let other people ruin your fun.
  9. Under 18: If you are a minor, we ask that you take a few moments to consider what your parents might think. There are adult themes on Feloszt. We encourage you to be open with your guardians about what you do and have them look over the site. That being said, Feloszt is a PG-13 website.
  10. The Right Attitude: Be courteous to your fellow authors and the staff.
  11. Be a Team Player: Do your best in a timely manner. No one expects perfection.
  12. Communicate: If you have a concern, an idea, an issue, or a problem- please contact a member of our staff. We want to make sure everyone is heard and will do our best to resolve things as fairly as possible.

If you are new to forum roleplay, check out this amazing site full of definitions, guides, and other valuable resources. FORUMROLEPLAY.COM/

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