The reason Feloszt exists is simple. We wanted to create a place where writers could share in our love for telling stories and building worlds. Heroes, terrible monsters, clever villains and spectacular landscapes are just a small part of what we envision. We want Feloszt to be a safe haven where creativity is nurtured within an established realm. We know that many writers seek out roleplaying sites to help cope with or escape aspects of their real lives. As your staff, we promise to strive for an environment where players feel encouraged to contribute to the world and, of course, create an epic tale for their characters. We know not everything will fit inside the world of Feloszt but it is our goal to be honest and compassionate in guiding writers towards an acceptable idea. It is also our deep desire to allow every character to have a hand in shaping the story of the world. We don’t want players to feel like they are just visiting Feloszt or a backdrop to something greater. Here, the writers are our greatest resource.

Dearest author, we welcome you and we can’t wait to read your beautiful words. Please read over the policies and rules we have set forth to help facilitate this vision.

The Celestials 

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